Population: approximately 52,000
Government: Oligarchy, ruled by a council representing various guilds and factions.

Major Guilds and Factions

The Merchant Consortium

The wealthiest because they’re merchants.

Builders’ Guild

The old Masons’ Guild and Carpenters’ Guild combined to form the Builders’ Guild to consolidate their power and influence.

Bounty Hunters’ Guild

Hunt down bad people.

The Vollen Sentinels

A powerful guild of adventurers and monster hunters that originated in the Northlands. They specialize in hunting, trapping, and slaying monsters of all shapes and sizes, but demand high prices and have a strict “keep what we find” policy. Despite their high costs, they are competent.

Councillor: Marcos of Kryal, monk of Shandrenahl.

Mercenaries’ Guild

Armies for hire.

Susha Guild of Watchmen

A former mercenary company that did such a good job of keeping the city safe from bandits and monsters that they reorganized into a law enforcement company. They patrol the city, enforce the law, apprehend criminals, and keep the citizens safe from crime, all with the backing of the Council.

Councillor: Prefect Fadil Nabarl.

Minor Guilds and Factions

The Thieves’ Guild

Steal things.


Carnir: After the War Kuro